Summer Fruit Wines

When we think of wine, the most common image that enters our minds is that of expansive vineyards in exotic locales, and a rainbow of grapes having the juice pressed out.  This, in turn, is put into barrels and set to ferment into that delicious panacea, wine.  But this is a very narrow view of what wine is, and today we’ll be discussing some of the more exotic wines that are not, in fact, made from grapes.  There is a veritable panorama of wines made from something other than grapes, and today I’m going to discuss a few that can add a splash of the exotic to your table without breaking the bank.

Maui Blanc Pineapple Wine

First off we will travel to the white sand beaches of Hawaii under the bright tropical sun.  There, in the Ulupalakua vineyards, is crafted a rare and unusual wine, hand-crafted from the beautiful pineapple fruit into a veritable bouquet of sweet and tropical flavors.  The first burst of this wine across your tongue is going to fill with you an appreciation for the richness of the pineapple flavor, followed by a smooth caramel taste that gives it the essence of a rich tropical pastry.  There is a danger here for those who dislike pineapple, if it’s a taste you abhor, you will not enjoy this wine, as it is the very essence of the exotic fruit defined.  No matter where you are in the world, one glass of this light dry wine will carry you away to the sunny tropics.


Honeywood Red Currant Wine

                There are wines whose very color speaks of pure, untainted richness.  This wine glows with the light of the setting sun, its warm red color promising the tartness of the fruit from which it’s made.  Is it any wonder given the jewel-like appearance of this fruit, that it was manufactured into a beverage with such bright color and unique flavor?  To those who have an appreciation for a light, tangy wine with a color like liquid rubies and a slightly sweet flavor, this wine will take you away.  It is particularly popular in the mid-west of America, and goes fantastic with just about any white meat that isn’t fish.


Honeywood Rhubarb Wine

                Rhubarb, that great fibrous plant that adds its distinctive flavor most commonly to strawberry rhubarb pie.  This plant is infamous for its ability to add a tart bit of interest to what would otherwise be a remarkably bland, if sweet, strawberry pastry.  Our second selection from Honeywood out of Salem, OR, is another take on the slightly more unusual flavors out in the world.  The rhubarb is tart, just like the Red Currant mentioned above, but for those who perhaps lack the tolerance for such a strong kick, rhubarb is instead mellow and tangy.  A light commentary on the deliciousness of the plant from which it’s made. With it light pink color, it also adds a delicate appearance to the table, making it an excellent and unusual addition to any bridal shower.


These are just a small sampling of the amazing variety of wines in the world, and a very small sampling indeed of the variety of exotic non-grape wines out there.   It is a common misconception that wines are only made from grapes, and we hope that here, today, we have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for you in the vinting world.   Expand your palette, and your table, and you’ll discover whole bouquets of wines you’d never have believed existed!

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