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Nowadays planning a party isn’t as big of a deal as it was in the past. Today, you don’t even need a pen and paper to do it. There are plenty of planning applications for every electronic device, so you can be sure your plan won’t get destroyed by your dog or won’t just disappear into thin air.

So the only thing you’ll need to use is your Notes iPad App…and my tips.

How big is your home?
Before inviting your friends, think deeply how many people your home can actually hold. If you can’t fit that many people inside, don’t invite all of Facebook. Decide which friends you’d most like to have at your party.


Products your friends like
Will you be buying all the products on your own? If so, buy different kinds so each of your friends can grab what they like. To make things more interesting, maybe consider buying some interesting decorations. How about some funny labels for your alcohol bottles or other beverages?


Hips don’t lie
Music is the cornerstone of a good party. You should be sure that there will be many kinds of music on your playlists. And don’t take only your own music tastes into account, either—everyone at your party should be having a good time. And how about some karaoke? That’s always a lot of fun!

Five attractive friends singing together at a karaoke party

Warn your neighbors!
While having fun you can forget that there are likely a lot of other people around you, who might just be going to work the next day. Before throwing your party tell your neighbors about your plan. That will help you avoid drama just when your party is really taking off.

2012-06-01 European Neighbours Day 4(2)

The only one left thing is to dress up, put a smile on and dance until dawn!

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